The latest software update for NCR Silver has arrived, and we are excited for you to use new features and enhancements that make NCR Silver even better for your business! Here’s the best of what’s available in version 4.5:

Manually add loyalty

Do you ever forget to add a customer to a transaction ? Both NCR Silver and NCR Silver Pro Restaurant users now have the option to manually add points or punches to a loyalty program.

So if you run across a customer that has two records for one reason or another, you can combine their loyalty points onto one and delete the unneeded customer record.

Increase security

Want to cut down on fraud? Whether you use Silver or Silver Pro, you can require pin entry after every transaction. This makes it easy to track cashiers’ actions on the POS, especially if you are using multiple cash drawers.

Up your online game

Since online ordering is table stakes for restaurants, NCR Silver Commerce now enables Silver Pro users to sell from a website — and it’s fully integrated to the POS. Restaurants can now configure same-day order ahead options so that customers can visit your store’s website, place an order and set a time to pick up that day.

Menu management is simple and you can use your existing items and modifiers in the Silver Back Office to build an online menu. You can even set specific times to make order ahead available, and adjust how many orders they accept during a period.

Customers go through a simple ordering process which starts with choosing their nearest location. Next, they complete their order by choosing from online menu items and confirming their purchase.

Store employees then receive a notification on the POS when orders are added to their Online Orders queue, and the system prints the order details to be prepared in the kitchen.

Schedule employees with precision

If you use NCR Console to manage your employees, now you can schedule by position and account for non-paid breaks in your schedule. Console’s new settings allow you to create a schedule for the times you know you want employees with a certain position present, and get a more accurate reflection of scheduled hours in the Time Card Discrepancy report.

You can also now exclude salary costs from labor calculations and reporting.

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Credit and Source: NCR Silver

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