Senwill assists Industries for Success

Learn how Google Cloud provides strategic industry solutions to drive cost reduction, increase operational agility, and capture new market opportunities. Every Industry needs an assist to streamline their Information Technology solutions for sustained success. Senwill is a Google Cloud partner. Senwill offers all of Google Cloud products and services to meet and exceed all industries needs.

Google Cloud for consumer packaged goods

Unlock consumer growth, capture new routes to market, and drive connected operations with Google Cloud’s industry-leading infrastructure, analytics, and AI/ML-powered solutions for the CPG industry.

Google Cloud for financial services

Google Cloud provides solutions that enable financial institutions to minimize complexity, improve security, and streamline compliance and governance

Healthcare and life sciences

Health-specific solutions to enhance the patient experience

Google Cloud for manufacturing

Google Cloud helps manufacturers digitize faster with a range of manufacturing specific solutions to drive revenue growth, operational excellence, and innovation across the value chain

Google Cloud for media and entertainment

Google Cloud enables companies in the media and entertainment industries to drive transformation, monetization, and distribution operations across the value chain.

Google Cloud for retail

Google’s AI-first technology and platforms enable digital transformation across retailers’ entire end-to-end business to deliver compelling customer experiences for the retail value chain

Google Cloud for telecommunications

Google Cloud enables companies in the telecommunications industry to drive transformation, monetization, and distribution operations across the value chain.

Chrome Enterprise for Professional Services

Chrome OS is designed for professional services. Technology should adapt to your unique and evolving professional service delivery model. Beyond ease of deployment and manageability, Chrome OS delivers a secure and easy-to-use solution designed to meet your employee and client needs.

Google Cloud for supply chain and logistics

Make supply chains resilient, sustainable, and transformative while improving customer experience with Google’s digital supply chain solutions.

Chrome Enterprise for kiosk and signage solutions

Modernize your kiosk and signage solutions with Chrome OS. Say goodbye to glitches. Chrome OS is a fast, secure, and easy-to-manage platform for your kiosks and digital displays—delivering a great experience for those behind the scenes and in front of the screen.

Chrome Enterprise for Contact Centers

Secure and optimize your contact center with Chrome OS. Deploying Chrome OS enables contact centers to be cloud-first and agile while improving agent productivity, securing business data, and supporting IT teams with a stress-free device deployment and management experience.

Chrome Enterprise for SMB

Empower your cloud workers with Chrome Enterprise. Provide simplicity, stability and security for your business. Quickly deploy, easily maintain, and seamlessly integrate Chromebooks with your existing infrastructure

Chrome Enterprise for Remote workers

Enable remote workers with Chrome OS. Keep your workforce connected, productive and secure from anywhere. Chrome OS is a modern, secure platform that empowers a remote workforce, allowing employees to be productive from any location and providing IT with the ability to manage devices remotely.

Chrome Enterprise for Healthcare

Modernize and enhance patient care with cloud-first solutions. Chrome OS devices equip practitioners with faster access to information so patients can get the care they need, right when they need it.

Chrome Enterprise for Financial Services

Chrome OS is built to cater complex IT needs for financial organizations, provides a smart way for employees from anywhere and improves customer engagement. Chrome OS devices are secure, cost-effective, easier-to-manage replacement for legacy and thin-client devices.