IBM SPSS Modeler

IBM SPSS Modeler delivers a comprehensive predictive analytics platform, designed to bring predictive intelligence to everyday business problems, enabling frontline employees or systems to make more effective decisions and improve outcomes. Modeler scales from desktop installations through to larger deployments that are integrated within operational systems and provides a range of advanced analytics, including text analytics, entity analytics, social network analysis, automated modeling, and data preparation, in addition to decision management and optimization.



Support for many data sources
Watson Studio Desktop can read data from flat files, spreadsheets and major
relational databases.

Visual analysis streams
An intuitive graphical interface helps you visualize each step in the data mining
process as part of a stream. Analysts and business users can easily add expertise
and business knowledge to the process.

Python 3 Notebooks
Leverage Python 3 Notebooks along with SPSS Modeler streams and dozens of
flexible connections together on the same platform.

Automatic data preparation
Automatically transform data into the best format for the most accurate predictive
modeling. It takes only a few clicks to analyze data, identify fixes, screen out
fields, and derive new attributes.



Accelerate time to value
Speed up operational tasks for data scientists.

Go live in days
Start quickly with GUI-based data science and machine learning algorithms.

Boost data science team productivity
Empower coders, non-coders, and analysts alike.

Scale with piece of mind
Start small and expand with enterprise-class security and governance.