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IBM SPSS Statistics

IBM SPSS Statistics is the world’s leading statistical software. It enables you to quickly dig deeper into your data, making it a much more effective tool than spreadsheets, databases, or standard multi-dimensional tools for analysts. SPSS Statistics excels at making sense of complex patterns and associations—enabling you to draw conclusions and make predictions. And it’s fast—handling tasks such as data manipulation and statistical procedures in a third of the time of many non-statistical programs.



Comprehensive set of statistical tools
Work inside a single, integrated interface to run descriptive statistics, regression, advanced statistics, and many more. Generate robust insights from data, create publication-ready charts, tables, and decision trees in one tool.

Efficient data conditioning and shaping features
Reduce data preparation time by identifying invalid values, viewing patterns of missing data, and summarizing variable distributions.

Easy statistical analysis
Use a simple drag-and-drop interface to access a wide range of capabilities and work across multiple data sources. Plus, flexible deployment options make purchasing and managing your software easy

Integration with Open Source
Enhance SPSS Syntax with R and Python through specialized extensions. Leverage 130-plus extensions or build your own and share with your peers to create a customized solution.


Improve profits
Analyze company data to make timely, accurate decisions.

Forecasting and budgeting
Predict trends as well as expenses, and budget for them.

Improve customer acquisition and retention

Simulation modeling can allow businesses to tailor their offerings to their customers’ specific needs. They can also analyze customer surveys to gain insights regarding customer needs and interests.

Ease of use
IBM SPSS Statistics is easier to use than other solutions while offering a full package of solutions that take you through every step of the analytical process, from planning to deployment.