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Our mission is to provide exceptional service in the area of Management Information Systems. In our endeavor to be a leader in these evolving consumer and corporate financial markets; The Sen-Will Group will continue to focus on providing innovative solutions to our existing and potential clients.

NCR Silver (Annual Subscription)


For entrepreneurs who want to take their business to the next level, NCR Silver is a total business solution. Far more than just a point-of-sale, depend on the all-in-one tablet POS system for everything from advanced reporting to integrated email marketing. Available on iOS devices or Android-based Silver Register, the POS system comes with Silver Concierge, as well as 24-hour live support…so you always have people to help any time of the day or night.
$948 In stock
Brand:NCR Silver
Additional Terminal Devices Fee (Annual Subscription) Shipping Included in price. Silver AddOn - POS (Covers the use of an additional device in your existing Silver account.) Note: Required for each additional tablet that is purchased. (228)
EMV Gateway Fee (Annual Subscription) Silver/SilverPro AddOn - Gateway Fee (Gateway processing fee required in order to accept EMV chip and pin payments.) Note: Required for each EMV card reader) (120)
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