eSim is an Electronic Sim Card. eSIM is the only globally-backed remote SIM specification for consumer devices. All smartphones will adopt electronic Sim cards in the future. Once the eSim cards are adapted this will essentially remove the need to have a physical SIM card and SIM slot.

The New Motorola Razr flip phone is the first announced completely eSim only phone . In 2020 more eSim phones will be announced.

The iPhones that support eSIM still have space for a traditional micro SIM that you can use in the normal way, but you can add a second number or data contract via the eSIM – read on for more details on how this works.

eSim benefits are:

  • Simpler device setup without the need to insert or replace a SIM card;
  • Devices that can operate independently of a tethered smartphone, with their own subscriptions;
  • A range of new, enhanced mobile-connected devices.